Invest in global innovation from the earliest stage

Antler has developed a repeatable model to provide LPs access to innovation from around the world.

Access tomorrow’s world-leading companies, today.


Structural advantage

Our investors have the structural advantage of investing in global innovation at the earliest stage. Increasing investor allocations to venture capital are making it more challenging to access the best deals. At the same time, there is a growing understanding that the technologies underpinning innovation are global and borderless by nature. As a result, investors are moving to earlier stages and investing more globally. Antler investors have access to the highly curated deal flow we generate from inception across 25 countries and diversified across sectors. We scout for and partner with more entrepreneurs around the world, giving our investors exposure to a larger pool of innovators and the structural advantage of investing early and taking a global approach.


The most thorough due dilligence

No one else has as thorough a diligence process for assessing pre-seed opportunities. Many investors in early-stage companies only spend a short period of time with founders before making the decision to write a check, rushed by the pressure of intense competition for deal flow. We spend hundreds of hours with each founder before making our first investment with virtually no competition. Through our structured investment approach, we gain a deep understanding of their strengths, scale of ambition, grit, and passion. Our global network of advisors and domain experts helps us further validate their business models. This gives us unique insights on each founder’s potential to create outsized impact and returns.


Global community

Our global community helps our portfolio companies scale faster. Our globally incentivized Antler teams, supported by our community of 8,000+ Antler founders and 600 advisors, accelerate our portfolio companies’ growth and expansion around the world—from winning their first 100 customers and marketing a new product to raising their next round of funding. From day zero we give our founders a clear advantage, providing the largest talent network, deep business model validation, a global platform for scaling, and capital—with personal passion that goes beyond traditional investing.


Unprecedented impact

We have unprecedented impact. We believe talent is everywhere but opportunity is not. Antler democratizes access to entrepreneurship for the world’s most talented people, removing the barriers to entry to launching businesses that create employment and contribute to GDP. Anyone with enough determination and grit can build a great business, a philosophy that is reflected in the diversity of our founders—with 80+ nationalities represented, and 30% of companies having at least one woman founder. By integrating ESG and impact into our investment decisions and partnering with founders from inception, we lay the groundwork for building sustainable and resilient businesses addressing some of the most pressing challenges of our time.


Earliest-stage investment

We have a seat at the table of tomorrow’s winners. We invest at the earliest stage of a company’s formation where valuations are more attractive and there is less capital competition. Following the golden rule of venture investing—backing your winners—we use pro-rata follow-on rights to participate in subsequent funding rounds, often leveraging the strength of our relationship to secure larger positions. More investors moving into early-stage venture capital underscores the value of this strategic advantage.


Data-driven edge

We leverage millions of data points that give us a unique edge. We’re building a proprietary private company database collecting more than one million data points per year. We gather learnings from our first interaction with founders through the lifecycle of the company. We continue building them through every Antler residency we run, using a disciplined and structured process that we replicate in markets across six continents. This allows us to benchmark globally by sector and geography and make more informed investment decisions.

Interested in investing in innovation?

The Antler model is proving to deliver repeatable and consistent growth in all 27 locations around the world. With a five-year track record and over 1,000+ portfolio companies, we believe our approach offers something entirely different to what the VC industry has seen before.

Our Capital Team

The Antler team is made up of serial entrepreneurs, experienced operators and seasoned investors.
Here are a few:

Andrea Hajdu-Howe
Partner, Co-head

Andrea will help you get in front of your next investor and help you to iterate your fintech idea. She has spent 17 years in the financial services industry, most recently at Goldman Sachs in the investment management division. Andrea heads up Antler's capital team and work with fundraising for both Antler's funds globally as well as supporting founders who are raising external capital. Before joining Goldman Sachs, Andrea spent over a decade at HSBC.

Anthony Millet
Partner, Co-head

Anthony is a partner of Antler Australia and a Global Partner, Co-Head of Antler Capital. Anthony is an experienced entrepreneur and CEO that has co-founded, scaled and sold market-leading businesses globally in the financial services and ecommerce retail sectors. Prior to joining Antler, Anthony was the co-founder and CEO of BrickX where he successfully launched the business, led it through $9m in Series A funding from high profile VC's including Westpac's Reinventure and NAB Ventures, and scaled BrickX to over 12,000 investors.

Edward Knight

Ed has had a multi decade career in European banking and capital markets, most recently working at Goldman Sachs for 14 years where he was a partner in the equities division. Based in London, he works on Antler's capital strategy and fund structuring globally.

TC Høiseth

TC is a Partner on Antler’s Capital team securing capital for Antler’s funds. TC has worked more than 16 years as an investment banker. He started his career in Carnegie, followed by Pareto Securities and most recently as a partner in Arctic Securities (since their establishment in 2007). TC focused on international corporate and project finance transactions mainly within drilling, offshore and oil services.  He developed and managed multiple new relationships with Japanese/other Asian investors, trading houses and shipping companies enabling a range of deals and opportunities.  

Charles Hayley-Bell
General Partner

Charlie Hayley Bell leads Capital and Investor Relations for Antler US. Charlie has 20 years of alternative investment experience in the US, and Latin America across both public and private markets advising investors and raising capital for hedge funds, real estate, PE, and venture capital. Charlie is an investor in early and growth stage technology and CPG companies. He previously was with HSBC, Archstone Partners, and Old City Securities. He holds a MA from Edinburgh University.

Tanya Southworth
Capital Director

Tanya is responsible for Capital and Investor Relations at Antler in the UK. She has spent 13 years raising capital for Private Equity, Alternative Credit/Hedge Funds, and Private Capital Solutions in both developed and emerging markets. She began her career at DKR Europe, which served as an advisor and marketing group for all DKR Family of Funds. DKR managed $6 billion in single-manager, multi-strategy, and quantitative funds, where her office raised $1.2 billion. Subsequently, Tanya led institutional marketing and investor relations efforts at Theorema Asset Management and Gladstone Management, both European Equity L/S hedge funds. Most recently, she founded, scaled, and successfully sold a market-leading vintage furniture resale marketplace, Kairos to Chairish, as part of their UK/EU market entry strategy.

Rosalind Bazany
Partner, Head of ESG and Impact

Ros Bazany is Head of ESG and impact at Antler and currently based in Singapore. Ros is responsible for leading the overall strategy design and implementation of Antler’s ESG and impact proposition to deliver long-term value for Antler’s stakeholders. This includes oversight of firm level practices, founder engagement and investment decision making processes. Prior to this, she worked at the global asset manager Schroders for over 10 years, working with institutional and retail clients, including on a number of strategic ESG initiatives, across Europe and Asia. She started her career at the hedge fund BlueCrest and holds an MSc in Chemistry. She is passionate about making ESG and impact a tool to create value for our founders, Antler and the industry more broadly.

Amy Zaghloul
Director (Canada)

Amy combines her global experience in Investor Relations and M&A to support fundraising for Funds and early-stage companies. Most recently, she led Investor Relations efforts at a Venture Fund focusing on the capital raising process for the Fund as well as providing strategic advisory to portfolio companies on growth initiatives. Previously, she spent several years in Investment Banking in New York focusing on M&A and capital raising projects in Healthcare and Technology. Amy enjoys building relationships and attracting strategic investors to help exceptional entrepreneurs build impactful businesses. She is an advisor to a mental healthcare start-up and sits on the board of the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association.

Sunil Rajan
Director (Southeast Asia)

Sunil is a Director on Antler’s Capital team in South East Asia. With more than 12 years of experience as a sales and investor-relations professional in the financial services industry, his focus is on building relationships with institutional investors and family offices in the region. Sunil started his career as a private banker in Morgan Stanley and then worked for Pan-Asian and Japanese Hedge Funds. Having a keen interest in impact-investing, Sunil was the founder of Singapore+Acumen Impact Circle, a volunteer-led group dedicated to building the ecosystem in SEA.

Fabian Rother
Director (DACH)

As Capital Director Fabian is responsible for securing capital and manages investor relations in the DACH-region. Previously he spent significant time within the media company Bertelsmann´s German advertising sales business. In his last role he led operations for a number of industry sectors as well as brands. Fabian graduated from University of St. Gallen with a Masters in International Affairs and Governance.

Susmit Patodia
Associate Partner, Capital

Susmit Patodia is the Capital Director at Antler India. Susmit started his career with Accenture Management Consulting.

After which he spent the last decade with Motilal Oswal, one of India's premier financial services company. He has held various leadership positions in Motilal from heading institutional equities sales business to portfolio management at the Asset Management Company.

He is a strong believer in India’s meteoric growth over the next decade and his focus is on “Antifragile investing in India”, “Don’t bet against India” and “Return to not normal but better”. Susmit is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and Madras University.

Rafael Mastrocola
Director (Brazil)

Rafael was previously Head of Investors Relations and M&A of companies listed on the Brazilian Stock Exchange. Also worked as equities sales for banks in Brazil such as Merrill Lynch, Santander and Citibank and holds an MBA from Darden Business School. Father of Laura and Daniel.

Michael Kron
Associate Partner (Australia)

Michael leads Australia's investor relationships and regional capital function and is responsible for driving Antler's capital raising best practices across 6 continents and 15 Antler funds. Michael is an advisory and capital raising expert, having advised startups and corporates for 10+ years, founded a renewable energy company and supported Square Peg to raise US$500m across two funds.

Soledad Gonzalez-Robatto
Capital Director

Soledad is the Capital Director at Antler in Iberia. Previously the Head of Investor Relations at Kronos Investment Group, Sole led the real estate firm's fundraising activity, and was a member of the Strategy Committee. Before Kronos, she was an Investor Relations & Strategy Manager at Enagás, an Ibex35-listed energy corporation. Sole started her career at Accenture London as a Strategy Consultant. Soledad holds a BSc in Economics and Business Administration from CUNEF and an MSc in Advanced Valuation from IEB.

Shalaka Uchil

Shalaka supports the execution of the global strategy behind securing capital for Antler as well as our portfolio companies. She holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Sussex, where she graduated with upper class honours.

Peter Schmidt

Peter is a member of the Global Capital Team based out of Antler's Sydney office. Peter works across capital raising, co-investments and is a member of the capital platform team helping manage the team's internal processes and systems. Peter primarily works with LPs in the Australian and US markets. Prior to joining Antler Peter was a management consultant at Kearney.

JaeHee Chang
Associate Partner

JaeHee co-leads Antler Korea with Jiho and Gabriel. Prior to Antler, JaeHee was in 500 Global Korea Fund/Ecosystems and worked at early stage startups where she led marketing and business development. Prior to her startup experiences, she was in Cheil Worldwide, Naver, and Booz Allen Hamilton, where her work was focused on strategy and business development. With her multicultural background, she has a mission to help startups go global.

Marie Tricot
Capital Director

Marie is our Capital Director. She was previously Managing Director of the AIFM management company October Factory, a wholly owned entity of the October Group, a leading European alternative SME lender.

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